I am here ðŸ’•

copas-de-vino-corazónGood morning monday,

I am here writing while I wait for my clay face mask to do its work. I look so sexy, just imagine a pink towel around my head, a beautiful green face, with two sexy panda eyes. I got a lot of sexy style man. (I can’t stop to tell the word sexy).

Clay face mask, hot water, bath… just a little ritual, to give oxigen to my body, clean from last year and welcome this one with new beautiful energy.

I am working on a new design for my website, maybe you saw some little chaos two days ago. I was working on it and suddenly my blog dissapeared! Oh My Godness! Bad disaster… For me is the most important thing to show and it went away! Luckily I solve it in few minutes, yay! So better slow and well done. I hope I have it ready for this year ha ha ha, as always, I am doing it with a lot of love.

I am really happy to hear from you, and to see you soon my beloved pirate. Can’t wait to kiss you.


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