Lana Experience 💋


Okey okey, hello hello!

Lana is back!

I need to update my photo gallery urgently… so I had an idea:

Why don’t you help me? Be my photographer 💗

We can have such a good time…

We could do it like that:


  • Hotel room, indoor photo shoot, kiki!


  • Coffee time (maybe wine time?), outdoor photo and/or indoor photo, happy kiki!


  • Wine time! Dinner time! Outdoor photo and/or indoor photo, superhappy kiki!
  • This option could be so good, cause the more time we have, the most beautiful places I can show you to do nice pictures. And… you will get really smart hotness before the hotel experience.

So! What option would you prefer my dear pirate?

Send me an email, right NOW! 🙂

Super Big Kiss



You could be my sexy photographer 💋💗

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