Lana Experience 💋


Okey okey, hello hello!

Lana is back!

I need to update my photo gallery urgently… so I had an idea:

Why don’t you help me? Be my photographer 💗

We can have such a good time…

We could do it like that:


  • Hotel room, indoor photo shoot, kiki!


  • Coffee time (maybe wine time?), outdoor photo and/or indoor photo, happy kiki!


  • Wine time! Dinner time! Outdoor photo and/or indoor photo, superhappy kiki!
  • This option could be so good, cause the more time we have, the most beautiful places I can show you to do nice pictures. And… you will get really smart hotness before the hotel experience.

So! What option would you prefer my dear pirate?

Send me an email, right NOW! 🙂

Super Big Kiss



You could be my sexy photographer 💋💗



Hablé con ella por correo. Quedamos para tomar un vermut en su terraza, un vinito bajo el sol de invierno, y por fin conocerlos. Los tres juntos compartiendo nuestras dudas e inquietudes. Había sido idea suya, y os he de decir que suele ser lo habitual.

Me gustaron los dos desde el primer momento, pero ella… Me gustó mucho.

Hacer un trío con dos mujeres suele ser la fantasía básica de muchos hombres, pero también de muchas mujeres! Hablad de ello sin temor, y si hace falta, os tomáis un vinito antes, pero de verdad… es algo maravilloso que tenéis que probar por lo menos una vez en la vida!

A mi me encanta.

Una de las grandes ventajas al hacerlo con una acompañante es que se ahorran los malentendidos que podrían haber con una amante que no tuviese claro que: la pareja sois vosotros.

La acompañante estará con vosotros el tiempo pactado, una vez os despidáis, no volverá a contactar (a no ser que queráis que lo haga).

Lo más seguro es que sea la mujer quien vuelva a escribir, y yo encantada, responderé.

Mil besos


Sexy Merry X-plus! 🎄

sexy christmas 1953.jpg

I love you

And I’m not drunk

I am so happy to meet gentelman like you

I am so happy to meet pirate like you

I am so happy to be here for you

And I am so lucky

You came to me

En estas Navidades:

Brindo por los Clientes que valen oro, y brindo por las Amigas: Mujeres Libres que valen lo que no se puede medir ni en oro.

sexy christmas pinups.jpg

Os quiero chicas, para todas y para todos:

Good Love, Good Food, Good Sex and rock n roll!




Business and Bubbles 💼🥂



Business is the activity of making one’s living or making money by producing or buying and selling products (such as goods and services). Simply put, it is «any activity or enterprise entered into for profit”.

«Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.»

bubbles girl


«When you detect something you perceive as light, free, playful, floating and untouched by any certain direction, that perception directs your focus to that same frequency of energy or feeling within yourself as if a chord within you has been played. This empowers that feeling within you».

I like to do bubbles.


Busy Woman 👠


Just telling you I am very busy with projects this days, so I did not have time to post that much this month.

As I am in Barcelona working in other stuff, I’ll probably be late answering Whats App. I usually prefer mailing so I am leaving my Lana-phone at home, in silence.

For those guys who try to cheat me starting as gentelman and, after that, asking for pictures of my face, and as I do not give you, cancelling just for not doing what you want:

busy girl

Big Kiss!